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Shawn Paros arrived on Earth as a time traveler but became a killer for hire.

He had all good intentions when he joined the time traveler program and was sent to Earth. All he wanted was a better life for himself off his home planet and a chance at happiness.

So what happened?

How did alien Shawn Paros become the deadly bad boy? Find out in this Prequel Origin Story you can't get anywhere else! Click the link below now to get the book delivered to your inbox for FREE today!

My gift to you for supporting my author journey.

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Rylee Swann_book_1.jpg
Rylee Swann_book_1.jpg

Alien. Assassin. Time Traveler.

Shawn Paros, a flawed and dangerous time-traveling alien Native American hybrid, is living his life out on earth as a hired assassin.


But nothing could prepare him for Rayna Newman, the one person who can tear down all of his defenses.

Lover Wanted - Cover.jpg

A Craig's List Ad. Hot Sex. Money and Voyeurs. Is this really a job?

It's the unlikely answer to my unemployment prayers, but when he touches me and takes me to new heights of ecstasy, it becomes something else entirely.


Sometimes you have to face the past to find your future.


When the man who still occupies my dreams appears in the small town where I've restarted my life, my heart is torn in two.

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