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Don't Make Me Wait Cover.jpg


I must break her to free her...

In an adult toy shop, I'm drawn to her, captivated. A vixen lurks beneath the torment in her eyes, and I'm compelled to proposition her. To my delight, she submits, surrendering to my dominance right there.

That should have been it. But it wasn't.

When I walk into Fitness USA to conduct business for my billion-dollar health food line, she's there--Crispell--a personal trainer.

My reaction is immediate. I need her. She feels the same, I know, but she won't let me in. Insists she's a Domme, although I know otherwise.

Carefully, I break down her walls, brick by beautiful brick. What I don't expect is what lies behind that barrier. Secrets. Deep, terrible secrets.

Now, I have a decision to make. Am I willing to risk everything to heal her? To make her my bride?


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