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Sometimes you have to face the past to find your future.

Ten years ago, I made the gut-wrenching decision to leave Jayson.
I had no choice.
When the man who still occupies my dreams appears in the small town where I've restarted my life, my heart is torn in two.
He's not the man I knew back then--wants a second chance at love and the fire that still blazes.
But old wounds haven't healed.
If I give him my heart, will he fail me again?

Dee is the love of my life and always has been.
Even though she had to leave me to protect herself from what I had become.
Drowning myself in alcohol ruined any chance for our happily ever after.
But now, I'm a different man.
I'll stop at nothing to prove that we belong together forever.

Can time and distance heal all wounds? 


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