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Lover Wanted - Cover.jpg


A Craig's List Ad. Hot Sex. Money and Voyeurs. Is this really a job?

The ad is simple: For exhibitionists who possibly need some doe - m4w

It's the unlikely answer to my unemployment prayers, but when he touches me and takes me to new heights of ecstasy, it becomes something else entirely.

He's so much more than a chiseled body and great partner in bed--and therein lies the problem.

I can't fall in love with my boss. It was the only rule when he hired me.

He doesn't believe in happily ever after and hides a secret so painful, he won't let anyone close--even me.

Loving him will only end in heartache, but it's too late.

He already owns me mind, body, and soul.

Can I find a way to break the block of ice surrounding his heart, or will I lose myself trying to reach him?

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