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I want more and I want it fast. Not the drugs or rock and roll... the other one.

First on the agenda? Losing the V-Card.
I'm about to turn eighteen and as the daughter of a world-famous rock star and a billionaire artist, that means I'm already behind.
Best candidate? Lobo, the manwh*re from the local MC.
Word on the street is that he knows how to show a woman a good time.
So why can't I stop thinking of my best friend?

Raven Dawn's eighteenth birthday plans made me realize I'm crazy in love with her.
But if I risk our friendship, I'll lose the only good thing in my life.
I'll kill that SOB Lobo if he even looks at her the wrong way,
much less lays a single finger on her.
Raven is mine forever. I just have to find a way to show her that,
before it's too late.


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